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Name:Ylaia Narumi
Phoenix Kaelen's momma, yo.

Profile under construction.

Ylaia Narumi is the ocean goddess of Keldra, and the High Empress. One of the four ruling gods of her world (known as Chieftains) she was elected by the other three as ruler as she is the oldest of the Kayori (Keldran gods) and is the most just, and most suited to the role.

She is the joint most powerful alongside Drakus Kaelen.

She raised Phoenix after his father rejected him, and is generally a kind, even-tempered individual, if a little regal. She's a Sirenian shapeshifter. (Yes, that means mermaid) Ylaia is tall for a woman at 5'9", (same as the PB) has silver/grey hair, blue skin and usually appears in her normal humanoid shape, walking on two legs. Ylaia does however have a human guise, in which she appears Caucasian with blonde hair.

She holds dominion over the Sirenian peoples, and can control the sea, clouds and rivers and rains; she's one of the greatest healers in in the known universe. Yup, she really can cure a rainy day.

(Smut policy: Ylaia has a female lover, Elsa Walmsley - from Earth, who has been made immortal. It's common knowledge among the gods that Drake Kaelen is also a frequent lover of both women.)

((Yes, my 'blue' icons are shit, anyone wanna make me some nice ones? PB is Elizabeth Mitchell. I've never seen 'Lost' but I took one look at this actress and thought 'my word that is TOTALLY Ylaia'. Just for the record I am neither Elizabeth, nor an immortal with blue skin. Mun and character over 21. This is an RP journal purely for happy funtiems))
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